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Knowledge is (to be) free! Thus, for non-commercial academic and private use, please, feel free to copy and redistribute the texts on this site. However, instead of offering these texts for download on other sites you are asked to rather link to the original download location – as long as it exists – in order to be able to get information about the number of total downloads. If you do a non-commercial print-redistribution you are asked to report the publishing details to the author(s).

Commercial use is strictly prohibited without the explicit prior permission of the author(s). Any kind of publication and redistribution which involves the charging of money (or money equivalents) or fees and/or which is meant for advertisement purposes is considered to be commercial.

In any case, the texts may not be modified in any way without permission. Information about the authorship and, if applicable, print publication may not be removed or changed.

Please note: The download-versions may differ from the published versions of the texts. For viewing and printing PDF-documents you will need the »Adobe Acrobat Reader« which is available as a free download.